Plants + Toys = ?

Our Story

Here at Plant Theory Co., we believe that there is something rewarding about caring for plants that brings happiness and joy to our lives. And what better way to do that with plants and toys? Plant Theory Co. has teamed up with Zonkey Toys to create a one of a kind plant and toy shop in Japantown, San Jose. We have a curated wide selection of plants, plant supplies, pots, tools, and artist goods for your home. We try our best to source beautiful and healthy plants, aesthetic ceramics, plant accessories and anything that brings a little fun to life. As residents of Japantown, San Jose, we wanted to share our undying love of plants with our wonderful community; as well as create a relaxing space that is full of things that bring people joy.

Plant Theory Co. works with local greenhouses and growers in the Bay Area to provide you with the highest quality selection of indoor tropical plants, cacti, air plants, and leafy greens to elevate your space. We are dedicated to help you select the best plants that will thrive in certain locations. Plants not only transform your space into a thriving, green sanctuary; but also relieve stress, enhance air quality, and improve overall health. From a beginning plant parent to those venturing into exotic, uncommon plants, we have something for everyone in their adventure and love of plants. Plant Theory Co. and Zonkey Toys welcomes you in to see the space we have created with luscious plants and collectors toys. Together we can thrive!

Plant Theory Co. is proud to be part of the Japantown San Jose community. Let us know if you have any questions or are looking for a particular item. We love talking about all things plant related. Dogs are always welcomed .

Ask us about corporate gifting, delivery and interiorscaping of larger plants.