Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Black ZZ Plant

Black ZZ® is one of the trendiest houseplants around! This beauty features dramatic purple-black foliage and is among the easiest of all houseplants to grow.


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Thrives in bright to moderate indirect light but can be placed in low light conditions as well.


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Let the soil completely dry out before watering. If the soil is still moist, you risk giving the plant too much water and it can start to rot.


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Doesn’t require any specific humidity level.

Care level

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Pet Toxicity

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Keep out of reach of pets who like to nibble on leaves. Toxic if ingested.

When to water?

Reach your finger in to feel the soil. If there is still dampness, then let it dry out more. In the summer, the soil may dry out faster than in the winter when there’s less light and it’s colder. Zz plants can go a few weeks without watering due to their rhizomes that hold the water and nutrients inside.

All purpose potting mix

Report if you see the roots outgrowing the nursery pot. Pot up to 2-3” wider with a well-draining soil. Add in cactus soil or perlite to ensure regular potting mix is porous and well-draining.


Clean the leaves by wiping down each one with a soft cloth.